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Derrick Chow
Farhan Amoor
Artist/ Illustrator
Graphic Designer

Working as a freelance Artist & Illustrator, Derrick tells us how the BlackFly lets him take his studio ‘on the fly’.

Having worked with a wide array of high-profile clients, Farhan takes the time to tell us how the BlackFly allows him a completely ‘on the fly’ workflow.

Inspiration on the fly
Work on the Fly
Megan Kearney
Alisha Walters
Illustrator/ Animator
Graduate Student

A showcased Animator & Illustrator, Megan is constantly on the move between studios and client locations.  See how the BlackFly makes this ‘on the fly’ process effortless.

A busy graduate student, Alisha tells us how the BlackFly lets her reclaim time from her hectic day.

Design on the fly
Work on the Fly
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