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How to use the Blackfly
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How to use the Blackfly
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Set up and pack up in seconds

Half Mode
Blackfly Full Mode
In half mode the lid folds neatly towards the back and prevents your laptop from sliding off the base of the Blackfly®. A neat feature if you enjoy working on a decline position.
Key benefits:
Does not feel like you are working inside your laptop case.
Creates a neat working environment with less clutter.
Folded lid acts as a cushion and aids in keeping your laptop stationed.
Allows easy access to the upper pockets.
Full Mode
Blackfly Full Mode
Use full mode when working on your laptop for extended periods of time and for additional privacy. The Blackfly® has elasticized straps on both the top left and top right side of the lid, these straps aid in holding the lid upright and keep your laptop fastened and secured in place. Full mode also allows more heat to channel through the venting system, resulting in a cooler laptop and a cooler lap.

Key benefits:
Opens the venting system for faster dissipation of heat.
Covers the make and model of your computer from potential thieves.
Allows for more privacy when working.
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