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Blackfly Mobile Laptop cases product features

Some experts believe that the heat generated by prolonged use of your
laptop can lead to “toasted skin syndrome” and may be detrimental to
fertility rates in adult males.
Blackfly Product Features
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The Wing™

The Blackfly Wing

Gain superior control with the Blackfly® retractable Wing™. Perform the detailed tasks only achieved by full control of your mouse. The Wing™ is fully retractable, which makes working on the fly convenient, ergonomic and productive. Strong and durable, the Wing™ is designed to support the full weight of your arm and provides an easily accessible stable mousing surface.

96% of of 600 mobile Laptop users surveyed prefer the use of their mouse over their touch/track pad. 83% would travel with their mouse, however, only 32% actually used it. The main reason was limited areas to use their mouse. The Wing™ allows for easy mousing anywhere, no table, no desk, just you, your laptop and your Blackfly®.

The Blackfly® is accompanied with the Stabilizer™, a great accessory that helps you work on the fly.
See Stabilizer™>

The Stabilizer™
The Blackfly lap-Desk  Stabilizer

The Stabilizer™ is designed to keep your mouse stationed on the Wing™ when you transition from mousing to typing. It also allows you to work in multiple positions without the worry of your mouse sliding off the Wing™. The Stabilizer™ is made from 2mm compressed EVA foam with a non-permanent peel and stick adhesive. The peel and stick EVA will not damage or affect the performance of most brands of wireless mice. Just choose a configuration that best suits your work environment.

The Blackfly Stabilizer


NEW magnetic back pocket
Blackfly Heat Ventilation for your Laptop

NEW! the 2011 Blackfly® additions include a magnetic pocket on the back side of the case. Great for additional storage, and a perfect fit for your tablet.
Rear Pocket Tablet
Dual Transport Options
Blackfly Heat Ventilation for your Laptop
The Blackfly® comes equipped with a compact over-the-shoulder strap and stowable carry handle. Travel with less clutter and only with what you need. Store your power supply, laptop, mouse
and other small accessories.

Transport the essentials, the Blackfly® accommodates the following:

  • Power Cord
  • Laptop
  • Mouse
  • Small accessories ( Smart Phone, Tablet, USB, Rocket stick)
Heat Ventilation for your Laptop
Blackfly Heat Ventilation for your Laptop
The Blackfly® is designed to keep your laptop cool. The venting system forces heat away from you and your laptop, even when your laptop is encased in the Blackfly®
Key benefits:
Allows your Laptop to stay cool even when left on.
Redirects heat away from you and your Lap for minimal heat transfer.
Keeps your laptop cool when working in full mode. See modes>>
Heat Dissipation- Protect your lap from the heat generated by your laptop
Blackfly Laptop Bag  Heat Dissipation
The Blackfly® protects you from the constant and potentially harmful heat produced by your laptop. The inner moulded seat is designed to redirect heat away from your lap allowing the heat to dissipate safely.
Key benefits:
Redirects potentially harmfully heat away from your and your lap
Helps keep your Laptop cool as the heat dissipates away from your laptop.
Read news articles related to "Toasted Skin Syndrome" 680 News
Read news articles related to "Toasted Skin Syndrome" Yahoo News>>
Ultra Sleek and Light Laptop Case
Dual Transport Options
The Blackfly® is designed for the light traveler. With it's ultra sleek design light weight , it still offers enough room to fit your Laptop, power cord, cellular phone or PDA, and small accessories . If you are the road warrior that is always on the go, or a designer looking for the freedom to work and get inspired anywhere, then the Blackfly® is for you.

Set-up and Pack-up in seconds
Lap Desk by BlackFly Mobile
The Blackfly® is designed to set-up and pack-up in just seconds. You never have to take your laptop out, scramble to find your mouse, or feel your lap burning when you are working. With it's innovative design and built in functionally you can literally bring your work space anywhere.

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