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Blackfly Mobile Laptop cases and Products
Blackfly® Mobile Work Units (Laptop Cases)
Blackfly Laptop Cases

The Blackfly® Mobile Lap desk / Lap board is essentially a mobile work unit / laptop case designed for people who work on the go ( fly).
The Blackfly® is specifically designed for those who require the precision and efficacy of using a mouse rather than a touch pad and need quick and easy access to their laptop anytime anywhere. While most laptop cases focus on fashion trends and esthetics, and offer limited functionality, the Blackfly® focuses on form, function and how and where YOU want to work.
Experience a new generation of laptop cases, designed for the mobile worker. Work , design, play & inspire on the fly

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Signature Launch Pads™
Blackfly Signature Launch Pads
Each Blackfly® comes equipped with our signature Launch Pad™ that sums up our positioning statement and promotes our philosophy of the freedom and comfort to work anywhere, "work on the fly™. We have also identified the mobile work force into various groups, designers, digital artists and gamers, these user groups have influenced the design and development of the Blackfly® and played a key role in our proof of concept and validation studies. We would like to acknowledge their talents and efforts by introducing the Design on the fly, Inspiration on the fly and Play on the fly launch pads.
See our signature Launch Pads>>
Custom Launch Pads™ COMING SOON
Launch Pads
The custom Launch Pad™ is perfect for personalizing your Blackfly®. A picture of your favourite vacation spot, your pet, or your family can be applied to the wing to help keep you inspired and motivated when you are on the road. The Custom Launch Pads can also be utilized to promote brand awareness for corporations.
Custom Launch Pads™ for Corporations (coming soon)
Custom Launch Pads™ for Individuals (coming soon)
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