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All the BUZZ
Date Posted: May 22, 2012- Blackfly Mobile Laptop Case reviewed by GeekAnoids
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Date Posted: April 26, 2012- Backbone Magazine
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iSource Product review
Date Posted: December 18, 2011- CNET Mention - Product Review
iSource Product review
Date Posted: September 23, 2011- iSource Product Review
iSource Product review
Date Posted: September 1, 2011- CNET Discussion on Blackfly
The good folks at CNET broke into a little chat about the Blackfly.
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Date Posted: January 25, 2011 - CCIT and UTM

BlackFly® will be sponsoring the CCIT annual Gala, this years theme will be "Avant garde"

UTM Logo

Date Posted: August 06, 2011- BlackFly® product demo on YouTube®
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