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Welcome to Blackfly Mobile.

Illustrator/ Animator ::: Inspiration on the fly
A showcased Animator & Illustrator, Megan is constantly on the move between studios and client locations.  See how the BlackFly Mobile Lap desk / Lap board makes this ‘on the fly’ process effortless.

Graduate Student ::: Work on the fly
A busy graduate student, Alisha tells us how the BlackFly mobile Lap desk/Lap board lets her reclaim time from her hectic day.
Artist/ Illustrator ::: Design on the fly
Working as a freelance Artist & Illustrator, Derrick tells us how the BlackFly mobile Lapdesk lets him take his studio ‘on the fly’.
The Blackfly® is a Lap desk /Lap board which easily converts to a sleek laptop bag. The Blackfly® Lap desk is specifically designed for those who require the precision and efficacy of using a mouse, rather than a touch pad and need quick and easy access to their laptop anytime anywhere. While most laptop cases focus on fashion trends and esthetics, and offer limited functionality, the Blackfly® focuses on form, function and how and where YOU want to work. Experience a new generation of laptop cases, designed for the mobile worker. Work , design, play & inspire on the fly!
Photographer/ Graphic Designer
::: Work on the fly
Having worked with a wide array of high-profile clients, Farhan takes the time to tell us how the BlackFly allows him a completely ‘on the fly’ workflow.
Laptop bags for Deisgners
Laptop bags for Students
Laptop bags for Artists and graphic artists
Laptop bags for Gamers
BUZZ ( News)
Blackfly® ready for sale online
New back side pocket, and egg shell inner lining added for 2011. Store you Tablet or other small electronics in the new rear magnetic pocket. >>
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Blackfly® Product Features
The Blackfly Wing
Heat Ventilation
Dual transport
The Wing™
Heat Ventilation
Dual Transport Options
Blackfly Heat Dissipation
Laptop Case Rear Pocket
Heat Dissipation
Ultra Sleek and Light
NEW Magnetic Rear Pocket
BlackFly® Product Benefits
Protection for your Lap
Work, design, play on the fly
Work the way you want
Protection for your Lap
Work, design, play on the fly

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